Persona 5 joker girlfriend? (2023)

Who is the most canonical romance in Persona 5?

makotoShe is considered the queen by her fans. Fans who like them REALLY like them and even consider them the canonical romance of the game. It's also relatively easy to romanticize and incredibly relevant to the plot.

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Who is Joker's p5's friend?

goro akechi, the Joker's unofficial boyfriend.

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Who is the canon character of the Joker?

While the player is free to choose a given name for Joker, his codename Phantom Thief is named canonically.Ren Amamiyain most other appearances.

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Who is the best friend in Persona 5?

Of all possible romances, the most prominent is withAnd. Although there are some requirements to meet her, Hifumi's story is worth it.

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Is Ryuji in love with Ann?

Ryuuji has shown interest in Ann and made suggestive gestures on various occasions, such as looking at her sweaty chest on the way to Futaba Palace, looking at her bare legs while squeezing the water out of her yukata after she got soaked by rain during the fireworks. the artifice was a party and shows desire to squeeze it...

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What happens when you date everyone in Persona 5?

The choice to date multiple girls at once becomes realyou get an extra scene at the end of Persona 5. On Valentine's Day, your girlfriend (or girlfriends) invites you to spend time with them.

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Who is the Joker's new girlfriend?

DC Comics has finally revealed the origin ofend of line, the Joker's new girlfriend. In the 100-page Super Spectacular for the 80th

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Can the Joker date Ryuji?

Almost. Ryuji is considered Joker's ideal partner, butJoker has no chance to date him.

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Who is the Joker's second girlfriend?

Punchline is the Joker's new girlfriend, previously described as the opposite ofHarley Quinn. Recently introduced to comics, the character found early success thanks to an elegant design, his relationship with DC's greatest villain and the speculative market.

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Is there a canon romance in Persona 5?

There is no official canon novel.– that must be the player’s choice. That said, the game seems to push Ann in a way the other characters don't.

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Who is Canon in Persona 5?

However, it has been revealed that Persona 5's protagonist actually has a canon name. Although he was originally named Akira Kurusu in the Persona 5 manga adaptation, Joker was given a middle name and a last name. The official canonical name of Persona 5's protagonist has been in use since the 2018 anime adaptation.Ren Amamiya.

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¿ Son Ryuji y Ann Kanon?

Kanon.Ryuji and Ann have known each other since junior high.. On the school trip to the aquarium, Ryuji asks Ann for money to take the bus home since he had spent all his money on a stuffed dolphin for his mother and she never forgot his debt to her.

Persona 5 joker girlfriend? (2023)
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